Chiropractic Treatments

Treatments include chiropractic manipulation (Diversified, Activator, Thompson), massage therapy, ultrasound, and electric muscle stimulation.

Cold Laser
Cold Laser Therapy is FDA approved for use in treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, pain and stiffness of the neck and joints, muscle spasms, and arthritis. Cold laser therapy is also scientifically proven to speed the healing process.

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The human body, like any machine, needs proper care and maintenance. You change the oil in your car every 3,000 miles and get your teeth checked by the dentist every 6 months. The spine is no different. Routine maintenance adjustments can keep your nervous system operating at an optimal level and allow you to catch small problems before they become huge.

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Massage Therapy

Mary Yosick is a therapist working in the holistic field for thirteen years specializing in trauma sustained from car accidents, personal and work injuries. For many years Mary worked in the stresses of the corporate world and was involved in a horrific car accident which left her with unbearable headaches, neck and hip pain.

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